About us

  • The Early Years
    BentOn was founded in 2006 by TORU FURUKAWA.
    The first factory was opened the Lower East Side of Manhattan as FUJI Catering from JAPAN.
    Mr. FURUKAWA from a family of BENTO makers from Tokyo Japan, and the first to bring “Authentic and Traditional JAPANESE BENTO culture” to busy people in New York City.
  • A Rise to Fame
    In 2009, BentOn started to work with Non-profit “TABLE FOR TWO“.

    In 2012, BentOn opened a first BentOn Cafe at “Midtown East 45th Street” with different variety of packed bentos.

    In 2013, BentOn opened a second BentOn Cafe at “Downtown FiDi“with new service called “BENTO on demand”. Well-balanced nutrients, daily menu. Never get bored … BENTO your way. We hope you have the bento you want.

    In 2014, BentOn established “Catering Service” for parties and events. BentOn Catering can accommodate small events from 10 to 1,000 people.

    In 2015, BentOn started to be a partnership with JAPAN SOCIETY” for the family program.

    In 2016, BentOn opened a 3,000 s.q.f.t “BENTO Factory” in Long Island City, NY to expand catering service.

    In 2017, MENYA JIRO“-Kagoshima Authentic Ramen- collaboration opened at downtown FiDI.

    In 2017, BentOn started to join “JAPAN Fes“-Street Food Festival-.

    In 2018, BentOn opened a Kisk at Urbanspace Vanderbilt Food Hall with new concept: Casual Japanese food to go sushi / poke / teriyaki.

    In 2020, BentOn started selling Japanese Meal kit “BentOn Kit” for DC.NY.NJ.CT.PA.DE.DC.MD.VA.MA.RI.OH.KY.NH states.

    In 2021, BentOn joined Project Bento -supporting community- by JAA.

    In 2022, BentOn plans to open (summer) a  “Meal Kit Factory” in LOVELAND, OH for the meal kit nationwide service.

Our Services



-N.Y.C only-

We proudly provide a great variety of authentic Japanese meals, such as our signature Bento Box, Donburi, and warm/cold noodles with new daily menus to keep you coming back for more.


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Event Catering

-N.Y.C only-

We offer various styles of Party Platters and BENTO Style that will fit your budget and your plans for any occasion: from friends and family gatherings to small office meetings or corporate events.
We also comply with the current safety standards of COVID-19.


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Meal Kit


Our meal kit as a complete meal solution for every hectic household. Our carefully curated, balanced, and nutritional options will reduce the burden on the home cook without sacrificing its quality and taste. BentOn delivers, “Healthy + Delicious +Easy to prepare”, authentic Japanese Meal Kit right to your doorstep.


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Toru Furukawa


Toru Furukawa

Toru grew up in his family’s BENTO business “AZUMA” in Tokyo and he brought his BENTO know-how to New York in 2006 when he established the company “AZUMA USA”.
In 2012, he formed his current company BentOn and decided to change direction by selling Japanese BENTO to non-Japanese clientele.

” I want to help busy people with our well-balanced BENTO.”

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